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Bees know what’s best for you

At Wild Honey Hunters, we pride ourselves in relying on one of the most important creatures on the planet – honey bees! From small bee and multi floral honey  rock bee honey to the ultra-rare stingless bee honey, we source them from the wildest parts of the ghats regions.

Taste forest honey based on bee variety

How we deliver 100% wild bee honey

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Our honey collectors worship native honey bees as their ancient deity – deeply rooted in their culture.


Locate the

We observe the bees and take notes to locate the exact location of wild, free-range hives.


Extract the

We squeeze and filter the honey from the combs and reduce moisture naturally to stop fermentation.


Deliver to

We deliver pure wild honey – rich in essential enzymes and healthy microbes – to your doorstep.

Try our seasonal honey varieties

Our flowering season-based honey is as tasty as they are exciting. Why? Because with every changing season, each drop of pure forest honey tastes deliciously different.

Our products include Jamun, Moringa, Mudakathan, Neem, and Palai Poo honey. We also deliver the extremely rare Neela Kurinji honey (from a flower that blooms once in 12 years!) to your doorstep.


From the wildest and most interior forest regions of the BR Hills Tiger Reserve


From our priceless collection of squeezed and expertly-crafted single hive honey

Frequently Asked Questions

Bees are also a major part of the culture and tradition of our native honey gatherers. They take great care to ensure that not a single bee is harmed and that the flock returns to rebuild the hive in the same place.

There are no crash courses to mastering the art of honey gathering. In fact, even finding a single beehive during a dry season is a unique skill-set developed over time. Our experienced honey gatherers watch the bees collecting nectar, observe the direction of their flight, and take keynotes on the bee droppings to locate the hives.

In the honey industry, brands can simply make tall claims about providing healthy products. Words like “real”, “ethical”, and “natural” are tossed around – without any of them meaning much. At Wild Honey Hunters, we collect 100% real forest honey from the most interior and uninhabited parts of the forests across the Eastern and Western ghats. We only provide naturally collected honey from the wild, free-range hives – not single commercial box hives. We also don’t filter, heat, or pasteurize the honey,

Pure forest honey is, inarguably, the best naturally available immunity booster in the world. As the native tribes would attest to it, real honey can strengthen your ability to carry out day-to-day activities along with helping you gain innumerable health benefits.

We only use native gatherers who belong to the local tribes. In turn, they use the wisdom they’ve accumulated over generations to gather the honey from touch-to-reach spots. We also make sure to get governmental permission to enter areas such as the BR Hills Tiger Reserve.

Besides the invaluable immunity-building properties, Wild Honey Hunters’ products have been proven to help reduce bone, joint and ligament ailments, deal with BP issues, purify the blood, cure digestive problems, relieve throat infections, and maintain healthy skin. Our honey varieties have also helped customers resolve fertility issues in both genders.

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