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With over two generations of experience, Wild Honey Hunters deals only in 100% real forest honey. Our natural honey products have their roots in the most interior forest areas across the Eastern and Western ghats in India – solely from only free-range hives, not from commercial bee keeping.

In a nutshell, we have perfected the art of collecting honey from the unreachable places in the wild and bringing exciting varieties to your doorstep.

Zero pasteurization - we keep intact the natural medicinal properties

No more commercial box hives - we collect from wild, free-range hives

Fully unprocessed - we retain all-natural phytonutrients

It’s exciting - we offer honey that tastes different as per flowering seasons

Be eco-conscious - we source honey from cruelty-free practices only

Fully unprocessed - we retain all-natural phytonutrients

Every season, our honey tastes different

Our 100% pure forest honey is seasonally unique because all our collection and processing methods are 100% natural. Hence, the colour, taste, and texture change all through the year – depending on the major floral variety of the season.

We squeeze and filter the honey from its comb while reducing the moisture to stop fermentation. We strictly don’t heat or pasteurize the honey, which makes sure that all the beneficial microbes and nutrients are kept intact.

Our forest honey is ethically sourced

Our native gatherers use the wisdom they have accumulated over generations. Bees are also a major part of their culture and tradition. They take great care to ensure that not a single bee is harmed and that the flock returns to rebuild the hive in the same place.

Wild Honey Hunters is also proud to support the livelihood of many tribal families in the Eastern and Western ghats. We help take part in bee conservation by educating the people on the importance of native wild honey bees in the ecosystem.

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